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About PeoplezTree

Welcome to PeoplezTree!

Peoplez Tree is an online learning community that provides an open source learning platforms that invites collaborative interactions and is fully customizable for user specific learning needs. Through a multifaceted learning management system, Peoplez Tree aids students and teachers in exchanging useful and meaningful information that in turn helps in improving learning outcomes.

We at Peoplez Tree aim to create an ecosystem that promotes learning through interaction and collaborative shared knowledge objects. Our courses are tailored to each student learning capabilities and level of understanding. We seek to not only educate but also foster interactions of epimestic nature.


Apart from being a comprehensive learning portal, Peoplez Tree also seeks to be a guiding light for students, going to embark on a career path. We aim to assist young talents willing to chase their dreams.

Online learning is an evolving field that is gaining prominence rapidly throughout the world. By supplementing traditional classroom teaching methods, e learning has become extremely popular. While educators have seen through its potential of encouraging a more personalized and collaborative teaching, students and parents have also realized the need for it. In today’s world, where technological advancement has reached to a level that internet penetration and number of phone users is mushrooming, multi-platform like Peoplez Tree can be accessed even by students from poorer backgrounds. Thus, providing a level-playing field catered to students and educators from different background.

It is our objective to impart inclusive learning that is tailored according to the needs of students from varying backgrounds and learning abilities and styles.


We work towards nourishing young minds and giving them wings to achieve their dreams The aim isn’t just to deliver full courses online rather to complement the traditional school structure and classroom teaching built on face-to-face relationships.

Here at Peoplez Tree, we believe that learning is a continuous process that must be accompanied by right amount of guidance and holistic personality development. Therefore our focus is on providing an interactive learning platform that encompasses a varied set of games, quizzes and interactive sessions that enable real time engagements and feedbacks.


Peoplez Tree believes that each individual has been blessed with a certain skill set that should be acknowledged. This talent must be identified and efforts must be made to improvise the skill that in turn facilitates career growth. This process of skill acquisition and nurturing is vital to the whole process of education. Inspired by the Social Constructivist Theory, we postulate that learning is an active and continuous process that acknowledges each individual’s learning ability and potential.

Therefore efforts are made to assist each student by encouraging them to push their limits. Our courses have been designed to encourage investigative and problem solving inclinations amongst the students. The focus shifts from the teacher to individual skill sets and understanding of students. This leads to what we call as social constructive e learning.

Short Story About Our Company


idea conceived in summers of 2014


research initiated in 2015 based on inputs


Outline drawn for soft launch and feedbacks


Beta Launch in 2016


Incorporated the expert suggestions with new beta in 2017


We stand functional in 2018